Besides the Google Search Engine Alternatives


The search results are divided into either the web, or the picture. They are preceded by information about search terms, known as 'Draft'. For example, look for 3G iPhone will be preceded by the specification device that Seeking film will be preceded with information about this film, links to trailers, reviews and quotations.
Kngine currently contains more than 8 million Concepts, and therein lies the power of the site.

You can quickly share the results of Kngine on twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious and Kngine can be set as your default search engine if you use
firefox and google crome.


The search results are divided into the Web, News, Blog, Pictures and Videos, and can be re-recorded by relevance or date. Depending on the search term, the results can also include an excerpt from his Wikipedia entry.

Each link is followed by excerpts of text, giving you an idea of ​​what you'll find in the search results.


It has a start page that is more complicated than most other search engines semantic listed here - with popular content is displayed on the front page of Yahoo Buzz, Digg, YouTube, Fark, Flickr, and a ton of other sources.


Duckduckgo is feature-rich semantic search engine, which gives you countless reasons to leave Google. Search is divided into the classical search, find information, shopping and their own spin off from Google.
You can find great sites like Google, YouTube, Amazon and eBay to precede the search term with "youtube" or "Google" and so forth and you will automatically be taken to the list of search results from the service. He also worked with keywords such as weather, photos, and lyrics.
DuckDuckGo features 'Zero-click on the info,' where as with Kngine, information about search topics precede the search results

Other features on DuckDuckGo including category pages, keyboard shortcuts, customization, and can detect, color codes and more.


As Kosmix, have information-rich landing page, with news headlines from around the web, which you can scroll using the navigation at the top of the page.

The search results can be filtered into the Articles, Offers, Pictures and Tweets, and also to share on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. You can share an entire page of results, or one particular item from the list.


Microsoft search engine acquired Powerset focuses on doing just one thing - and doing very well.


Truevert presents an interesting twist on semantic search engines, labels itself as' green search engine.
Search for any term will be included in the context of environmental problems, so for example, a search for 'meat,' Truevert's front page features the latest news from popular environmental websites and blogs.


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