The letter M offers something truly emotive to the motoring connoisseur. Since 1978 BMW GmbH has produced purist performance cars that tap into the demands and aspirations of customers' ultimate driving experiences. The M division takes BMW's ingredients for dynamic production cars, listens to the market and challenges its in-house designers and engineers to produce an intoxicating recipe that satisfies a growing niche of enthusiasts. Using award-winning engines and lightweight materials in construction, an M car is both challenging and relevant to both hearts and minds.

BMW M's first car was also its only ever bespoke car. The M1 mid-engine sports car used a tubular spaceframe chassis and plastic composite body to save weight - steps that were ahead of their time compared to other road cars. Fast forward three decades and there have been 23 different models of M cars in the UK. From the M1 to the Z3 M Coupé and the M5 Touring, they are all unique cars, but each with the M DNA running through them; a pure engineering philosophy enveloped in a sporting design to make for the ultimate driving machine.


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