A design with strong character underlines the dynamics.

Sensitive, yet striking describes the changes to the front and rear areas of the BMW X3. At both the front and the back, the bumper units split into two levels are clearly visible and predominantly painted in the body colour. This also underlines the high quality and sporty but elegant appearance of the new BMW X3. Only the intentionally exposed protective elements are made of robust black plastic.

A striking feature of all BMW X models is the so-called "six-eyed look". New double circular headlights with light sources and reflectors behind clear glass lend its character to the new BMW X3. The fog lights arranged in a line that sweeps diagonally to the outside from the headlights to the wheels adds to this. Its geometry reinforces the impression of a powerful vehicle crouching on the road, in the same way as the painted front apron below the outer bumper. The BMW kidney grille stands out because its increased size and the very distinctive visual effect of grille fins dyed in different colours (according to the model and variant). Kidney grille fins in a Light Titanium colour identify the BMW X3 3.0sd; the grille fins of the other six-cylinder variants are in a Graphite Metallic colour. The four-cylinder variants have black kidney grille fins. The optional headlight cleaning system has been smoothly integrated in the front section and only extends when required.


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