Ferrari has reaffirmed the strong link between its GT and sporting divisions with the Ferrari F430 Challenge which is specifically designed to meet the expectations of its sportier clients. The Ferrari F430 Challenge retains the same general look and 490 hp engine as the road-going version. However, it also incorporates a large number of significant track-oriented modifications and a host of new features not seen in the Ferrari 360 Challenge, which it joined on the track for 2006 and completely replaced in 2007.

An intensive series of development tests held at Fiorano and other prestigious circuits have honed the Ferrari F430 Challenge's talents too. In fact, it offers a stunning series of features sure to meet with the approval of its drivers. As ever, the transfer from Formula 1 is significant, particularly with regard to the braking system which uses carbon-ceramic material (CCM) - a first for a Ferrari sports competition car.


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