Mini Austin is always one of the popular antique cars which many rich people trying to collect. Here, we have some shots of Mini Austin, owned by a friend in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Front view of this White Mini Austin
(The word in front is written in Mandarin, and this car is used for wedding )

Back view of the Mini Austin

Side view of the car, custom milky-white body paint, and windows tinted with dark-colored tinting.

Right side view of the car

Front car plate, crystal digits with carbon fiber plate

Rear car plate

Front tire, with original rims sprayed with milky-white paint

FM receiver anchored at the original bumper

This car is equipped with a single DIN Pioneer CD Player, with 2 Pioneer 6 X 9 (Egg-shaped) speakers, and a pair of Pioneer tweeter.
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