After few months of driving the new Toyota Vios 1.5 E, there are some conclusions that I can made from the car.

  1. Powerful car (as compared to my previous car) - easy to overtake others -> LOL
  2. Very low fuel consumption (save me a lot of petrol though)
  3. Spacious interior with multiple small compartments - as I am a bit messy, this design is superb for me
  4. Spacious back compartment
  5. Service from the Toyota Office/Workshop is really impressive
  6. Nice exterior design - easy to fit various body kits
To be improved:
  1. May not be that powerful if reach 120km/hr
  2. Somehow the backlamp need to be improved - looks like it doesnt fit into the whole car, front lamp is beautiful
I guess that's all, will come back and upload some of my car photo tomorrow.

Thanks :)

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